Mounting kits and mounting accessories for 3G, 4G and WiFi antennas

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Weather and storm-proof and high-quality mounts for antennas are essential especially on boats and yachts, particularly if they are permanently installed, for example on the mast. It is also important for campers that the mount for their WiFi or LTE antenna is stable. Here it is also important for a mounting on the roof that the bracket is hinged.

Since so many different criteria must be met for a wide variety of applications, we offer a selection of different antenna mounting options. This includes, among other things, suction brackets and in the future also magnetic brackets for a temporary installation, as well as screw mountings for the roof or deck and railing brackets for a permanent installation.

ALFA Network TSM-B1 Marine Mount

The TSM-B1 Marine Mount by ALFA can be combined with the ALFA TSM1 Adapter Kit and, used together, result in a full blown mounting solution for the ALFA Netw...
available immediately (1-2 working days)
34,99 € incl tax
ALFA Network

ALFA Network TSM1 Adapter + TSM-B1 Marine Mount

This set consisting of the TSM1 Adapter and the TSM-B1 Marine mount from ALFA Network is the perfect complete mounting solution for the ALFA Tube series.
available immediately (1-2 working days)
74,99 € incl tax

Various possibilities of antenna installation

Magnetic mounts:
These are very convenient for temporary attachment or attachment to non-moving objects of their antenna. It should be noted that the magnetic holder is strong enough for the weight of the antenna.

Suction mount:
Here, the mount is attached to a smooth surface such as a window using suction cups

Railing mount:
The railing bracket is attached directly to the railing of a boat or a yacht. Here is the advantage that this mounting option leaves no long-term mark.

Screw Mount:
This mounting method screws the bracket directly to a wall, roof or deck. This is a long-term method of attachment.