Wifi Antenna Cables

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The currently offered mainly CFD200 coaxial antenna cables have a very low attenuation of 55.4dB/100m in the 2.4GHz frequency band and 86.5dB/100m in the 5.8GHz frequency band. This means that you are excellently suited as WiFi antenna cables.

Our current offer is limited to the most common cable lengths, such as 3, 5 and 10 meters, and standard plug combinations such as N-Male to N-Male and RP-SMA Female to RP-SMA Male.

Please pay attention to the connection designation when selecting the cable. E.g. for an antenna with N-Female connector you need a cable with N-Male connector.

In case of uncertainties and questions, you can always come to us. We are happy to help.


Magnetic Base for Antennas with RP-SMA Connector

Magnetic base for connecting RP-SMA Male Antennas with a cable length of 1.5 Meters. This Base is ideal for easy positioning of antennas for a good signal re...
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How often does it happen that you do not have WiFi reception with your WiFi router everywhere in the house or in the flat or cannot establish an Internet connection? There can be several causes for this. First, of course, the router should meet a certain quality standard and if several devices are used, they must be compatible with each other and set up correctly. In addition, there may be problems with the connection if the distance is too long and if interfering factors such as reinforced concrete walls exist.

Use WiFi antennas and antenna cables to increase the range of the network

In addition to the WiFi antenna, an appropriate antenna cable has to be selected to suit the requirements at the location. This will connect the antenna to your wireless router. However, several aspects must be taken into consideration when selecting. Length, thickness and nature of the antenna cable affect the attenuation and thus decrease the possible WiFi range. The attenuation is given in dB/100m and is generally lower in the 2.4GHz frequency band than in the 5GHz frequency band. Since thinner cables usually have a higher attenuation, they should only be chosen for shorter distances. With excellent cable quality, a length of 5 meters should not be exceeded. For thicker cable types cable lengths of up to 20 meters can be used. When laying thicker cable types, however, it must be noted that they have a smaller bending radius. At the same time, you usually only have larger plugs as connectors, which requires a pigtail or RF adapter to connect the antenna cable to the small jack on the wireless router. Thus, it must be carefully considered which cable is right for your application. We are happy to help you by mail or by phone when choosing the right cable for you.