WiFi repeater + 4G/LTE extender sets for travelers, RV, boats and yachts

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We have several wireless repeater/extender and LTE/UMTS extender sets for you on offer. We offer sets that can only be used for WiFi, only for LTE or both. Furthermore, we have equipped the sets with various accessories, so you can get started right after receiving the goods.

For all our sets, we deliver a German-language manual created by us!

In addition to the accessories already included in the sets, we offer many different components such as mounting solutions, DC extensions and on/off switches for our sets. For this you are welcome to have a look in our product categories mounting solutions and DC-cables.

We are often asked which ranges are possible with our WiFi extender sets. Unfortunately, this question can not be answered on a flat-rate basis, since many aspects play a role here. In general, it can be said that ranges of over 1000m are achievable. For this, however, the conditions must be ideal. The following interference factors reduce the range: if the line of sight to the access point is interrupted by, for example, trees or buildings/walls, interference frequencies in the immediate vicinity by RF devices and similar, utilization of the frequency band, etc. Also, one must say that the possible data rate/the internet speed depends on the hotspot you are connecting to or of the 3G/4G network on site.

Please see the bottom of this page for a list of the differences between each set and the included devices.

ALFA Network

ALFA Network WiFI Camp Pro 2 Mini

The WiFi Camp Pro 2 Mini by ALFA Network is the indoor version of the popular WiFi Camp Pro 2 Set. The functionality is similar to the WiFi Camp Pro 2, but t...
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ALFA Network

ALFA Network Tube 2H + 9dBi Omni Antenna

Set of Outdoor USB WiFi Router (ALFA Tube 2H) with client function and a suitable 9dBi Omnidirectional Antenna (ALFA AOA-2409TF). The Tube 2H of ALFA Network...
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Difference R36A and R36AH

The ALFA Network R36A and the ALFA Network R36AH differ only in two things. Both have the same chipset and the same specifications like data rate, transmit power, input sensitivity. Only the USB interface and the supported devices differ. While the USB port of the R36A can connect USB cables up to five meters in length, the R36AH has an extended USB port. Thanks to the stabilized voltage output, cable lengths of up to eight meters are supported here.

Both devices support the WiFi USB Adapters ALFA Network Tube-U(N), AWUS036NH and AWUS036NEH. You can also use both devices as LTE Extenders. Both devices support the Onyx4G Surfstick and the Tube-U4G Outdoor Modem. The R36AH additionally supports the Tube-U4Gv2.

Difference Tube-U4G and Tube-U4Gv2

Again, the devices differ only in a few areas. Probably the biggest difference is that the Tube-U4Gv2 in stand-alone operation supports Linux as well as Windows. The Tube-U4Gv2 also supports the LTE bands B5 and B8 and the UMTS band B5 in addition to the LTE and UMTS bands supported by the Tube-U4G. Data rates of up to 150Mbps are also supported, as opposed to data rates of up to 100Mbps for the Tube U4G.

Sets with WiFi and LTE connection

These sets contain all the components you need to operate your set both as a WiFi extender and as a LTE extender in alternating operation

Sets with WiFi (subsequently upgradeable to LTE)

Basically, we deliver all our wireless extender sets with the complete R36A firmware. So you can upgrade without a firmware upgrade your set at any time by a Tube-U4G or Onyx4G and use the R36A as LTE Extender. The only exception here is set no. 3. We ship this set exactly as we received it from the manufacturer. Thus, the WiFi Camp Pro 2 firmware is applied to the device and a firmware upgrade for use as an LTE extender is necessary.

Sets with LTE (subsequently expandable to WiFi)

These LTE sets can also be extended by a WiFi component. To make it as easy as possible for you, we deliver the sets directly with the full R36A/R36AH firmware. Thus, you can expand your set at any time with the Tube-U (N), the AWUS036NH or the AWUS036NEH to a wireless extender.

Switch from WiFi to LTE and vice versa

To change the operating mode, you must first disconnect the respective WiFi or LTE USB adapter when switched off the R36A/R36AH and connect the other LTE or WiFi USB adapter. After restarting the R36A or R36AH, you can change the respective operating mode in the web interface. We have also described the change of the operating mode by storing the configuration and reloading the configuration file in our German user manual.