WiFi Amplifiers, also called WiFi Booster

WiFi Boosters or WiFi amplifiers are small, compact and efficient devices that increase the transmission power of your WiFi device. Depending on the device and model, a WiFi amplifier can increase the power up to 8000mW. This operation can thus increase the signal strength and range of your WiFi network. For this, the WiFi booster/amplifier simply has to be connected directly to the antenna output of your device. The antenna cable with antenna is then connected to the device.

Since the radiated output (EIRP) of a WiFi device in Germany may not exceed 100mW (20dBm), a WiFi amplifier/booster in Germany can only be used to compensate for losses caused by antenna cables.

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Due to the high data traffic, it often happens in metropolitan areas that one can only occasionally achieve the actual possible range of one's own WiFi signal. For this reason, you often have to help to optimize the range and susceptibility of your own WiFi network. There are different solutions for this.

WiFi Amplifier

With a WiFi amplifier, also called WiFi booster, one ensures a stable connection to the router and also for a larger range of the WiFi network. Thus, you can still receive a good signal in the attic of the house and build a stable connection, although the wireless router is on the ground floor. While the WiFi repeater is placed in the middle between the router and the end device and receives and re-transmits the signal from the router, the WiFi amplifier is connected directly to the router and amplifies the outgoing signal of the router (TX booster). When the amplifier is connected to the end device, the input sensitivity of this enddevice is improved.

In particular with a TX booster care must be taken that the transmission power of the antenna as a whole may not exceed 100mw (20dB) according to German legislation. This means that the WiFi amplifier in Germany can be used primarily to compensate for losses caused by long antenna cables.

Since not all WiFi routers offer the possibility to connect a WiFi amplifier, please inform yourself beforehand, if this is possible with your router.

WiFi Amplifier or WiFi Repeater?

Both types of devices expand and stabilize the signal of a WiFi network. Which device is best for you can not be answered flat-rate. Although wireless repeaters pass on a WiFi signal at the same signal strength (transmit power), the data transmission (data rate) is halved because a repeater can not transmit and receive at the same time. This problem is not the case with a WiFi amplifier. Here, the WiFi Booster is simply connected between the router and the terminal, the amplifier thus compensates for the loss through an antenna cable and improves the transmission power. To be able to use WiFi amplifiers, certain requirements (for example removable antenna) of the WiFi router have to be fulfilled, as mentioned before. Within the law, a WiFi repeater generally provides a good improvement in signal strength and range.